D.O.A. Lures 

D.O.A. Lures
  • DOA Shrimp
    DOA Shrimp

    D.O.A. offers a wide variety of Shrimp lures: 2" Shrimp, 2.75" Shrimp (the newest member of the family), "the original" 3" Shrimp, 4" Shrimp and the 6" Shrimp are still the ORIGINAL SHRIMP lures that others try to copy. The durability and versatility of the D.O.A. shrimp is still "the gold standard" in artificial lures. From freshwater Bass to saltwater Redfish tournaments, the D.O.A. Shrimp has put money in the pocket or dinner on the table for those who use the "GO TO" bait.

  • Terror EYZ
    Terror EYZ

    The D.O.A. TerrorEyz, available in three sizes, is designed to set horizontally, even on a vertical drop. The unique rigging method allows for an extremely high hook up ratio. The design also allows this lure to hold in strong current. This patented design has been proven to catch anything from freshwater Crappie and Walleye to saltwater Tarpon and Spanish Mackerel. Multiple weighted eyes are available for each size lure. TINY: 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. red. REGULAR: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 oz. red or gold eyes. BIG ONE: 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., 1 oz. red or gold eyes.

  • AirHeads

    Freshwater or Saltwater - AirHead catches big fish! 
    Large mouth Bass go crazy over the new D.O.A. AirHead. This new 5" soft body lure offer the best of both worlds fish in heavy brush or in deep water lakes. Top water, suspended or on a jig head, AirHead it the right choice for fresh and saltwater fishermen.

  • BaitBuster

    The BAIT BUSTER, it ain't pretty but this is a fish catching machine! The Bait Buster is available in three styles: SHALLOW RUNNER: 5/8 oz. A single hook upright offers a medium sink rate and may be fished as a surface lure, or mid-range or on the bottom. DEEP RUNNER: 5/8 oz. Line entry is on the top of the head which keeps the lure sub-surface, great for bouncing off the bottom. TROLLING:1 oz. Excellent for deeper water trolling, fantastic for casting into water 5 feet or deeper.

  • Swimmin Mullet
    Swimmin Mullet

    The D.O.A. 5" Swimmin' Mullet is a great cast and crank lure - the single hook upright allows you to get the lure down in the strike zone without snagging anything but the fish.

  • Big Fish Lure
    Big Fish Lure

    The BFL (Big Fish Lure) may be fished as a topwater, a neutrally buoyant, or a swimming bait. All are thru-wired, from line entry to the strong 3X hook. Rigid flotation insert is designed to be reused in replacement bodies.

  • CAL Series
    CAL Series

    Our C.A.L. Shad Tail is a mainstay for probing waters from inches deep to ocean depths. Offered in many popular colors as well as our own custom color combos, these lures can catch anything from freshwater Large Mouth Bass to saltwater Seatrout, Redfish, Flounder and Fluke.

    The C.A.L. Jerk Bait is available in two sizes - 4” forktail and 5.5” diamond tail. They may be fished topwater or sub-surface. Combine with our custom long neck 3.5/0 or 5/0 hooks and a d.o.a. Pinch weight, and you have a deadly shallow water lure for salt or fresh water. Try them with our Hot Heads or Chug Heads for even more contrast! They also mate perfectly with our short and long shank jig heads.

    D.O.A. Paddle Tails (Grub tails) are extremely durable plastics designed to be the perfect match for the D.O.A. jig heads as well as a perfect partner for our Chug Heads and Hot Heads.

    The D.O.A. Curl Tail offers tremendous action even at the slowest retrieves. Like all of our C.A.L. series lures, they marry perfectly to our D.O.A. Jig Heads, Chug Heads and Hot Heads.

  • D.O.A. Specials
    D.O.A. Specials

    D.O.A. Tough Guy (3/4 oz) represents the perfect silhouette of a small pinfish or perch. With the single upright hook and heavy belly weight, this lure always sits upright... even on the bottom. Freshwater Largemouth Bass to saltwater Grouper to Flounder, if they feed on the bottom, this is the lure for you!

    The D.O.A. Softshell Crab (1/4 oz) is a 2” wide tasty morsel with a natural sink rate presentation Redfish or Cobia can’t pass up. Slide it on the surface or work it on the bottom—it gets a predator’s attention!

    Want to make your favorite C.A.L. tali into a topwater popper! Now you can with the supper cool D.O.A. ChugHead.

    D.O.A. Hot Head offers an eye and color contrast to our C.A.L. series.